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Anna David

Los Angeles
NY Times bestselling author. Coach. Podcaster. TEDx Speaker. TV Talker. Get the audio version of my book PARTY GIRL for free here:

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17 years ago today, I had my last drink. Well, to be specific, I had my last 3 and ½ hits of ecstasy and bottle of wine. Since then, my life has changed so much that just saying it’s changed is the understatement of, well, my life. I had a fabulous time drinking and doing drugs for many years. Then I didn’t. It got so dark that I forgot what light looked and felt like. But when my fear of change (the scariest thing I could imagine) was less scary than the way I was living, I made the leap. Recovery is nothing like I expected it to be back when I imagined sad people chain smoking, talking about the good old days and going out of their minds with just how mundane life was. I had no idea what sober people did for fun. Turns out it’s a lot like what not sober people do. Just minus the drinking. And, in my case, the 3 and a half hits of ecstasy. People will say, “God, sobriety must be so hard.” In my experience, it isn’t—though living without any escape from seemingly overwhelming feelings can be more challenging than living as an addict. But to say I wouldn’t trade it for the world is a) to use a cliché and b) the second biggest understatement of my life. The before-and-after photo is in no way fair as one is caked on makeup + professional photog + air brushing and the other is, well, a wasted girl at a party. But hey, I’ll get away with that today. Thank you to everyone who has helped me. I tagged many of you but there are so many, many more. . . . . . . . . #lifecoaching #lifecoach #writing #creativewriting #wisdom #balance #dailyinspiration #lifecoachtraining #health #healthierchoices #consciousliving #nourishyourbody #youhavethepower #positivevibes #positive #liveauthentic #lighthustler #annadavid #healingthroughwriting #recovery #recoveryisworthit #gratitude #sobriety #soberlife #soberissexy #soberlifestyle #sober
1,227 | November 19, 2017
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