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Heidi Powell

United States
Mom of 4 kids, Expert Fitness Trainer & Co-host of ABC's @ExtWeightLoss with my husband @RealChrisPowell. Visit my site for Workouts, Nutrition Plans & More!

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WHAT?! My first ever PRO win?! Are you kidding me?!🎉🙉 Somebody pinch me.🙆🏼‍♀️ DEFINITELY not how I anticipated the weekend going, but it’s with SO much gratitude (& my usual smidge of unworthiness) that I accept this win! DYING!!🙈 . Funny how these dang mental patterns continue to repeat themselves in our lives, isn’t it? If you’ve followed my 4 years of competing now, you might’ve noticed how scarred I’ve been by past failures, so much that I almost NATURALLY expect failure now, no matter how hard I work or how much I deserve. I’m constantly fighting those nasty thoughts in the back of my mind saying, “I’m not good enough or worthy of this.” . Guys, we all have these stories (aka lies) that run on autopilot in the back of our minds. They tell us what we can & cannot do, what we deserve & what we do not. Ultimately, they dictate the direction of our lives...IF WE LISTEN. . I’ve accepted my negative thoughts will never go away no matter how many positive thoughts I throw in. But I’ve also learned that I can drown them out with ONE SIMPLE THING...ACTION. . Whether I think I can or I cannot, I STILL DO IT! I don’t think this is a wiseman’s quote, in fact I think I effectively butchered Henry Ford’s.😂 But reality is that while I can’t always control what I believe about myself, I CAN CONTROL what I do about it. . I can either let FEAR OF FAILURE cause me to sit on the sidelines (where winning isn’t an option), or I can STOP TAKING MYSELF SO DAMN SERIOUSLY & get on the court & play regardless if I win or lose. . I choose the latter. Because I know with each & every attempt, I’m growing & becoming a better human. More so, I’m practicing what we preach!! #ActionConquersFear . This weekend was my scariest, most intimidating competition yet. Knowing I would be up on stage with the Michael Jordan’s of the IFBB world made me want to dig into my bag of excuses & back out. . But I didn’t & I’m more proud of that than my Masters win. But the win? Freaking icing on the most delicious cake.🎂😍 My reward for continuing to DO, even when I wasn’t sure I could. . To YOU & my team:Thanks isn’t enough❤️ for holding me accountable, encouraging & loving me every step of the way.😘
41,333 | August 27, 2018
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