Klear Guide to Influencer Marketing


A hands-on guide to help you master Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is about building relationships. It’s about connecting with people that know and breath your niche, and have built their own personal brand around it. Influencer marketing is you providing relevant thought leaders with value and getting them excited about your brand’s story, no strings attached. It’s creating a relationship that would eventually get a trusted third party to genuinely advocate your brand to a target audience.

Partnering with influencers gives you the chance to communicate with the industry’s most powerful advocates and in due course watch them talk about your brand in their favourite media channels - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, their blog, or even (yes, people still meet face to face) offline.

Partner with the right influencers and build real relationships, and you’ll empower your marketing efforts with powerful credibility, fan engagement and extended reach. Not to mention its great ROI and SEO benefits.

What makes one an influencer?

An influencer is someone that has authority in a niche - When she talks, people listen. Whether it’s cosmetics, technology, or sports cars, the influencers are these individuals who grew a powerful audience that just can’t wait to hear what they have to say about that new cell phone or nail polish.

How It All Started

Influencer Marketing emerged with the rise of social media. The evolution of influencer marketing from traditional celebrity endorsements where Michael Jordan wore Nike, to the world where you and I can reach millions from the comfort of our mobile was made feasible by social media.

In no time influencer marketing became an essential practice in the marketing mix. About 65%-75% of marketers already use it on a daily basis.

How Can Influencer Marketing Help My Business?

A 16 y/o vlogger reviewing a new running shoe might have more power in that niche than a celebrity sports player. The effect such authentic user-generated content around your product can have on your business’ bottom line is huge.

64.5% of marketing and PR professionals have adopted influencer marketing (ArCompany)

Social media conversations sometimes end up as part of your target customers’ buying cycle. “People buy from people”, they say, but prior to that - they explore, discuss, consult. People talk with people, not with brands. That’s where brand marketing faces a challenge: how to break the wall and talk with your audience - not as a brand but as the person you are?

You need a connector. A credible mediator that will introduce you to the community and talk on your behalf. A person that can talk about your brand or product without making it look like a sponsored ad or a paid commercial.

That’s where influencer marketing comes in.

5 Reasons to Start With Influencer Marketing ASAP

1. Let Others Promote You

Whether it’s offline or online, you want your brand to be mentioned in conversation that are relevant to your niche. Build relationships with the right influencers and they will deliver and amplify your brand’s story in places you wish you could be at and those you wasn’t even aware of.

2. Get noticed in the age of (ad)Blindness

Ad effectiveness has fallen drastically over the years. With so much noise, people are subconsciously ignoring ads. Influencer marketing is an effective way to get your brand noticed in an authentic way.

3. Boosting Your Rank on Google

This is often overlooked, but influencer marketing has huge SEO benefits. Mentions from credible sources on the web boost your brand on search engines.

4. Do it for the ROI

According to a research by Tomoson, a $1 spend on influencer marketing generates $6.5 in return.

5. Because it Works

92% of consumers trust recommendations from social influencers over all forms of advertising. Recommendations from trusted influencers generate traffic, brand awareness and sales. It simply works.

92% of consumers trust recommendations from social influencers over all forms of advertising (Nielsen)

Next Step: Find your Influencers

There are billions of people out there using social media. Finding influencers is searching for a needle in the haystack. You need to not only find those users who are influencers but also those who have influence over your business’ niche.

Twitter alone has 500 million tweets sent each day. With so many interactions and so much content being shared each day, how can you find the right influencers for your business?

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