Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers

Instagrammers have a substantial impact on brands, but reaching those who are right for your brand is a challenge. Klear provides you with tools to identify the right influencers for your brand, confirm they align with your brand values, and measure your campaign’s success.

Find Instagram Influencers

Searching for Instagram influencers? With the world’s biggest database of over 900 million profiles classified into 60,000 topics, Klear is the most advanced Instagram search engine in the world. Search at a high level like Travel, or get as specific as eco-friendly mommy bloggers.
Want to search for Influencers that specifically impact men who are into mountain biking in Taiwan? Millennials that love Ramen in NYC? Luckily, you’ve found Klear which outperforms the industry thanks to our proprietary technology, which is able to accurately infer audiences’ interests, geographic location, age-groups, gender, true-reach and more.

Research & Analyze Instagram Influencers

Just because an Instagrammer has many followers doesn't mean they're influential. Just because they're influential doesn’t mean they influence your target audience. That's why researching an influencer is such a crucial step of a successful campaign. The Klear instagram profiles analytics ensure the instagram influencers you are collaborating with have the most potential to have an impact on your marketing efforts.
Our social index uses advanced graph algorithms to differentiate between fake influencers and those that can impact your target audience.

Measure Instagram Influencers

Measuring the effectiveness of an Instagram campaign is a crucial element of scaling an influencer program. Klear provides you the analytics on how instagram influencers have contributed to your campaign. Klear tools allow you to manage the relationship, track their engagements, and measure their total impact on your marketing efforts.
Klear’s Instagram hashtag trackers allow you to track who your influencers have participated in your campaign, how much engagements they got and what’s the estimated ROI. This way you can easily reports on your efforts, and iterate on your instagram campaign to increase the impact on your brand marketing.
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