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Klear is a big data Influencer Marketing software platform. We help brands build, scale and measure influencer programs. With the most comprehensive database of over 1 billion influencers, we enable you to find influencers in any category worldwide, manage the relationships with them, and measure the results.

Guy Avigdor


Eytan Avigdor


Noam Avigdor


Beautifully Simple. Remarkably Smart.

We took on the challenge of distilling the complex set of requirements a marketer faces, into a simple and enjoyable experience. We are here to make it easier for you to become a data driven marketer, and provide Klear interfaces that tie data to actions.

We Are Data Geeks

Klear's core evolves around an amazing data science team, building cutting edge algorithms. Their mission is to analyze billions of interactions that happen every day on social networks and extract valuable insights. This fuels our platform with unique data that helps you make better decisions.
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